Author Recommendations

J.M. Madden, author The Embattled Road series – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“Mary is a total dream. I sent her a manuscript after several of my author friends had gone through it, and she found 84 more typos, time shifts and other issues. She completely floored me! I love my ‘anal’ editor- her description, not mine! ALL of my manuscripts will be going through her from now on!”

Robyn Peterman, author of Fashionably Dead – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“I will not put a book out in this lifetime unless Mary Yakovets does her magic on it. Writing may be a solitary sport, but in the end it takes a village. Mary’s editing makes me look like a better writer and I will kiss her butt until the end of time.”

Marie Astor, Kindle Bestselling Author of the Janet Maple Series – New York Times Bestselling Author

“Mary edited my manuscript for Bad Guys Get Caught. I was thrilled with the results, as Mary caught every typo / grammar issue in sight and provided a helpful list of notes. When I write I never see my own typos, but I am now confident that my manuscript is in tip-top shape thanks to Mary’s watchful eyes! If you are looking for an editor, look no further and contact Mary!”

Kennedy Lane, author of Captured Innocence (CSA Case Files 1)

I’ve worked with several editors and I must say, Mary Yakovets exceeded my expectations. She’s professional, courteous, sweet, and above all ” patient! We all know how special our stories are to us and Mary treated my manuscript as if it were her own. She’s thorough in her line edits, as well as detail oriented when it comes to the timeline. I really appreciated her updates throughout the process and her candid honesty is refreshing. Mary truly is an exceptional editor.